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Porta-coops on pasture

About PortA-Coops 

"A mobile coop on wheels perfect for pasture raised animals."

THANK YOU for your interest in the Porta-Coop with more new and updated features. We strive to provide you with the perfect coop for your poultry needs, as well as keeping them happy, safe, and comfortable. Pineview Sales LLC Porta-Coops are produced in Brickhaven, Ohio. Delivery to all states is available.

Porta-Coops are perfect for all kinds of small animals, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and more.

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Pricing & Customization

PortA-Coop Pricing & Options

starting at $1,540

6 x 8 Porta-Coop

  • Up to 20 laying hens or 32 broilers.

  • Weight 179 lbs

  • Weight at the handle 26 lbs


10 X 12 Porta-Coop
  • Up to 60 laying hens or 80 broilers.

  • Weight 330 lbs

  • Weight at the handle 50 lbs


Standard Features:
  • Easily moved by lifting the handle, which also lifts the rear of the coop.

  • Moves with one person similar to a wheel-barrow.

  • Extra Tall Door - easy entry for feeding and loading birds into crates

  • Simple 1 Step Moving Process - the birds walk with the coop when being moved

  • Netting Welded to Frame - for predation protection

  • Adjustable Height When Moving - adjust to your birds size as they grow

  • UV Resistant and Predator Proof Tarp (Heavy Duty)

  • Flat Free Wheels

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • Powder Coated

  • Easy to Assemble

Design Improvements:

  • Taller Doors (profile the peak)

  • New Design Handle for easier lifting and moving

  • Square tubing for faster easier more secure assembly

  • Easily Adjustable Moving Height

  • Improved Tarp preventing predation

  • Stainless Steele Fasteners

  • Improve Heavy Duty wheel Support Plate

  • End Gable Side Wall Tarp available

  • Roost Brackets installed

PortA-Coop Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Anaysis

1.  80 chickens at 6 lbs selling for $4.50 a lbs = $27 x 80 birds in a coop = $2160 gross profit


2.  Costs to produce a finished whole chicken is approx $13.00 per bird X 80 = $1040.00


3.  Gross Profit $2160 - Cost $1040 = $1120 Total Net Profit per life cycle per Porta-Coop.


4.  Growing season May 1st to Oct 31st = 6 Months.  6 weeks per cycle = 4 grow cycles per season (in the Midwest)


5.  Four grow cycles X  $1120 Total Net Profit =  $4480 gross income per year with one Porta-Coop


The Porta-Coop pays for itself in less than two growing life cycles cycles!!!


PortA-Coop Testimonials

"Our Porta-Coop is the best investment we made on our farm.  It revolutionized our poultry  business."

Maggie K.

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